Saturday, January 24, 2009

Long Time, No Post

We realize that it has been a while since we've updated our blog. We've just been rather busy. We had Christmas in our new home and spent some time with Allison's family. It was great to see Andrew, Daniel, and Michele. We spent a lot time sledding, skiing, shopping, and playing our new Wii. Allison and I even started our own Guitar Hero Band. We are disappointed with how the Cougars ended the football season and we find the Ute's big Sugar Bowl win bitter-sweet.

Cora is growing like a weed. She loves to jump, laugh, talk on my cell phone, play with her baby dolls, sing, dance, and give us kisses. She also loves making trips to the unfinished basement and going up and down the stairs.

As for us, we're just doing the same old stuff. Work is keeping me busy and Cora is keeping Allison busy. We are just glad the holidays are over and that Cora is back to a normal bed time.

Here are some pictures...

Good Morning

Santa Came!

Annual Ferre-Skousen Ginger Bread Houses

Cora performing


Rachel said...

Oh wow your house is so pretty. I am so happy for you guys... all that space! I can't believe how big Cora is now! I'd love to hear/see a video of these performances!!

Rachel said...

We loved making gingerbread houses with you guys!! Your house is so pretty, and I love your red washer and dryer.