Sunday, September 21, 2008

What Up?

It has been a while since we've posted so we will give an update on the most important things (namely Cora).


Cora is officially a walker... she has graduated from crawling and is loving her newfound freedom. Church is even more exciting as she has realized she doesn't always need to or want to sit in our laps for 3 hours. Peter & Leah's ward has many more kids than our student ward. Cora loves kids and whispers "Hi" to all the kids in the hallway. Her first love, though, is White Socks. He is the most kind, forgiving, patient cat you will ever meet. Cora wakes up every morning (still half asleep) saying "Cat Cat". Cora is happiest when White Socks is by her side. I have to remind White Socks that she's still daddy's little girl.

Here is a picture of the two love birds:

Nate & Allison:
We're doing well. Allison is enjoying her Nike+ system that hooks up to her iPod. Her favorite part is when Lance Armstrong lets her know her running stats at the end of her run. It is very motivating apparently.

I'm still working at The Generations Network working on awesome projects. I even recruited one of my mission buddies and college roommates (Brandon Camp) to come work with me. Work has been a lot of fun since he joined the team... even though he beats me in foosball tournaments occasionally.

The house is coming along nicely. Here are some of the latest pictures... we don't want to bore you too much with these. These pictures may be more exciting to us than to you.

The front of the house. They just started the will not be this color.

Living Room

Back of the house


Rachel said...

I love your new house!! It's so pretty! Allison, Alex thinks that picture of you is me! ;) That's a great compliment cause he thinks I'm the most beautiful girl in the world! :) lol Cora is increasingly adorable!! And I love her love affair with Cora!! :)

Rachel said...

:) that's from alex


he just noticed that we can make a smiley face with the keyboard! ahhh! he's attacking me to do it!!

cindave said...

that looks awesome. i am SO JEALOUS!!!

BrittWilk said...

i think i'm at least as excited about your house as you are!!!

and cora is so cute. i can just hear her saying 'cat, cat" as she's waking up. that is hilarious! we miss you guys tons.