Sunday, March 16, 2008

Rex Lee Run/Skousen 5K

The Rex Lee Run took a different turn this year. Nate, Cora, and I had been preparing to run the 5K together. We were so excited that we even bought a jogging stroller and new running shoes for Nate. We were disappointed to find that the weather was less than desirable on Saturday morning (27 degrees and 80% chance of snow...eek). We hadn't factored weather into the equation at all. So, we came up with a Plan B/alternative Rex Lee Run that we affectionately refer to as the Skousen 5K. The Skousen 5K took place at the Smith Field House (short track!). The only participants were Nate and Cora...the winners, both by default and sheer skill. I (Allison) participated in the traditional Rex Lee Run and withstood the cold. It was sad that we weren't able to run all together but we were happy with our creative alternative.

Here are some pictures of us...minus Cora (she was napping by this point).

A post wouldn't be complete without a Cora picture. Enjoy!