Sunday, December 23, 2007

Christmas 2007

Where does the time go? It was this time last year that we announced to everyone that Allison was expecting and here we are with a 5 month old. We have been very busy lately and there is probably a lot to post about. Since our last post we have enjoyed Thanksgiving, finals, and Cora's 5 month birthday. Christmas is just a few days away and we're very excited to see Daniel and Michele (Allison's brother and sister-in-law) and Andrew (Allison's other brother). We were also lucky to see my (Nate) parents this last weekend as they came up to help Josh (my brother) move back to New Mexico. It was nice to spend time with them.

Overall we're doing great. I finished my finals this last week after 2 weeks of working on many group projects and a couple of days of food poisoning (Thanks Cafe Rio!). Only one more semester left! Cora is growing so much. She can now roll from her stomach to her back... although we have actually never seen her do it. She will be on her stomach one second and then are her back the next and we are amazed. Weird. Also, we think she is teething. Normally, she is a very happy baby and has really liked to whole sleeping thing but in the past few days she is more upset and wakes up more often. She is also drooling and bitting things all the time. We'll see if she gets two front teeth for Christmas. We have posted some pictures we thought you would enjoy. We hope you have wonderful Christmas and a Happy New Year!

Nate, Allison, & Cora