Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Press Release - AITP Competition

To see the press report posted by BYU about our competition winnings go here: News Report

I'm also quoted in the report but I don't think I said exactly what they quoted me saying.

Monday, April 17, 2006

Flash Movie is Finished

My flash project is finished... if you want to see the final product go here: Ever-Climate System

Sunday, April 09, 2006

March Madness

As the title alludes, March was indeed madness. Not only was the NCAA basketball tournament absolute madness, but so also was our month of activities. Where do we begin? The most exciting thing that happened was my trip to Dallas on the 30th. Five other undergraduate students, two graduate students, and I were chosen to represent BYU in a National Collegiate Isys Competition. Every year the Association of Information Technology Professionals host the competition. The conference/competition lasts 3 days and we had a lot of fun. The pictures below should tell the story. The view from our 36th floor hotel room was all right! Overall BYU did very well this year. We competed in Systems Analysis & Design, Database Design, Java Programming, Web Design, and a Graduate Project Competition.

Matt and I took 1st place in the Systems Analysis & Design competition and another BYU team took 3rd in the same competition. Matt and I also did the Database Design competition but didn't do so well because we didn't know enough SQL stuff, plus they messed up on communicating the requirements. Next year we'll do better though, now that we know what to expect. Those were the only two competitions we did. The other BYU teams took 1st in Java, 3rd in Java, 1st in the Graduate competition, and Honorable Mention in the Web Design.

Ultimately, this shows how great our program is here at BYU. Our professors really do prepare us well and I hope to go again next year! Below are a few pictures of our trophies.

As far as other things go, I have been interviewing with some of the big 4 accounting firms. This summer I will be doing a summer leadership program with a few of the firms. In June and July I will be flying out for a few days to attend the programs and I'll be able to visit the offices in Phoenix. Hopefully, this will help me get an internship next summer and maybe a full-time job.

Allison has been busy doing all kinds of things as well. She is currently taking Aerobics, Water Aerobics, Stress Management, and Children's Writting classes. Plus, she was recently called as the Relief Society Secretary in our ward. Needless to say, she is very busy.

Anyways, we hope things are going well for all of you and we can't wait for this semester to be over!

Nate & Allison

Our view from the 36th floor of our 5 Star Hotel

The Winners!

The Winners again!

Thursday, April 06, 2006


Right now I'm taking "History of Creativity" to fulfill my last general education requirement. The class has been really interesting because we judge historical events and people based on their creativity. We have seen how people have shaped the world by using their creativity. It's basically a history class but with a creative twist. I have really enjoyed the class aside for the tests and quizes. But the point of this entry is about Flash. For this class I have to do a "creative project" which we turn in the last day of class. We were given the liberty to do whatever we wanted. Sometimes that is good and somtimes that is bad. It can be difficult dreaming up a creative project. I decided I would create a flash movie to present my proposed invention that will change the world... well, not quite. To see the movie click on the link at the bottom of this blog entry. The movie is not finished yet but will be, hopefully, by April 18th, when it is due.

Flash is pretty cool and I have taught myself the basics. I found some really good tutorials online that include written and video demostrations. If you want to learn more check out this website: Flash Tutorials

Anyways things are going well but very busy. We'll put up another blog entry later detailing all of the events that have transpired over the past month. Trust me, we have a laundry list of things. Take Care!

Movie link:Nate's Project

P.S. Make sure you have sound and that your speakers are turned up... it's kind of boring without sound!